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Ālaya means ‘home’ in Sanskrit and the Alaya Yoga App is about bringing traditional yoga, from our home to yours.

Take control of your health and wellbeing through the ancient healing power of yoga. Alaya Yoga brings India’s best Yoga Teachers directly to you, in the comfort of your home.

With hours of live online yoga classes to choose from it’s the only membership you need for a healthy body and mind.

Over 130 live classes each month

Whether on your laptop or your phone, enjoy over 130 live, interactive, and unique classes every month with our team of expert teachers.

Access to our library of on-demand yoga classes

You can always access over 80 classes at any time and catch new recorded classes of varying styles, lengths and levels every week!

7 Day Live Class Playback

As well as access to our on-demand video bank, our students can also catch up on any of their favourite classes for 7 days after they have gone live.

Ālaya Yoga is the official Online Yoga Studio of Himalaya Yoga Valley, founded more than 15 years ago in the Himalayas, a world-renowned leader in yoga training and education. Himalaya Yoga Valley has locations in Goa and Ireland, and our Online Ālaya Yoga Platform is the digital home to our history, knowledge, and origins- sharing traditional yoga for a modern-day India. Members get unlimited access to online yoga classes with our team of highly experienced Yoga Teachers, who are all truly passionate about helping you achieve your goals through yoga.

Why everybody should practice yoga...

Yoga is a holistic practice that benefits not only your body but your mind and soul too. A regular yoga practice can help in so many ways to keep us physically and mentally strong.


Reduces stress and anxiety
Helps with weight loss
Helps manage diabetes

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Popular yoga classes online

Here are some of the regular online yoga classes that our members just can’t get enough of.

Yoga for Strength

Yoga postures to build strength, body awareness and control in your physical practice. We will focus on different areas in each class and include plenty of variations for different levels

Gentle Evening Flow

By linking postures smoothly together with the breath, this gentle, flowing class is like a moving meditation, connecting you with yourself. It promotes relaxation and a healthy nervous system.

Yoga for Mind

Explore poses that will melt your stress away, from flowing asanas to deep relaxing ones that offer you a peaceful state of mind, followed by meditation and pranayama, breathing techniques.

We’ve started Ālaya Yoga to meet the growing need in India for health and wellness practices that are accessible to everybody in our diverse communities.

Ālaya means ‘home’ in sanskrit, and Ālaya Yoga is about bringing the incredible healing power of yoga to everybody’s home. 

Yogacharya Lalit
Founder | Ālaya Yoga India
Yoga teacher Yogacharya Lalit


Full weekly schedule of live classes

Each Membership Pass gives you unlimited access to every live yoga class on the schedule. Practice with our expert teachers as many times as you want each week. 

Check out our full online yoga schedule.

Popular Yoga Teachers

Yoga Teacher Lalit
Yogacharya Lalit

Internationally renowned Yoga Teacher of over 25 years, Lalit studied in Rishikesh from the age of 7 under Swami Veda Bharati.

Yoga Teacher Mandeep

Mandeep is a student of the world famous Himalaya Yoga Valley. She has a huge following of both India and international students.

Untitled-design-4-e1649837568461 copy

With a Masters in Yoga therapy, Yogita is famous with her many students in India for her gentle and accessible teaching style.

Yoga Teacher Marilyn

Teaching since 2020, Marilyn’s teaching focuses on the value of breath awareness as an integral part of any yoga practice.

Online Yoga Studio Membership

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access 1 hour class
  • Access to Q&A with teacher
  • Personal counselling
  • Customized Classes

Five Class Pass

take 5 Classes within a month
  • Access to Video Library
  • Access to Q&A with teacher
  • Personal counselling
  • Customized Classes

Monthly Package

12 class pass - take 3 classes every week
  • Access to Video Library
  • Access to Q&A with teacher
  • Personal counselling
  • Customized Classes

After you sign up, please fill out the form available on your membership page, and then as per your requirements, we will assign the teacher to you within 48 hours.